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About Truola

Truola is the Latin word for “serving spoon” or “Ladle”. We loved the word's connection to food and just like a ladle, Truola is here to serve you.

We’re three family men who are passionate about cooking and good food; we especially like making mealtime a family social event with many friends, kids and fun. The idea for this site came to us when we realised that the best recipe is your own recipe, the way you like it!

That is why we created Truola for you. You’re the star of the show and you choose what your mealtimes look like; we’ve thrown in some of our suggestions, and tools to get you started and make cooking more enjoyable.

Some of the cool things you can do on

Save Recipes as your own

You can take recipes from the Truola library and save them to your cookbook; you can then adapt them to your taste and save the edited one. You can always create your own from scratch.

Watch the My cookbook Tutorial

Create recipes

You can also create something completely new, and to help you we have plenty of component recipes which you can quickly add in: such as marinades & rubs, dough, sauces or even entire recipes.

You will find quick and easy component recipes that can be used to build your own recipes in minutes. AND WHAT IS IMPORTANT, you can do it immediately.

Watch the Create recipes quick guide

Analyse your recipes

Just input your recipe and save it to your Cookbook folder. The nutrition data with will appear in the top of your recipe. Adjust the number of portions to see the energy value of the cooked dish.

Make a meal plan

Making your meal plan is easy, just drag and drop your favourite recipes to the relevant days in your meal planner, and save it. You can then print it, share it, mail it, shop it

Watch the meal plan quick guide

Make a menu

Do you have a special occasion, dinner with friends, a romantic rendezvous? Why not think up a nice meal and drag and drop your recipes into the menu maker so you can have a nice menu. You can then print it, share it, mail it, shop it.

Watch the menu quick guide


Buying your ingredients or equipment has never been easier; you can do this with one click of a button from your recipe, meal plan or menu and select which of our affiliated partners will supply you; and these will be trusted names!

Watch the shopping ingredients quick guide

Become famous

If you have some great recipes in your cookbook, then why not share it with the whole community and publish your recipe to our central library. It will go through review and testing, but once published it has your name on it visible for all.

About the founders

Vincent: Is a professional chef who has experience in wide range of cuisines in various restaurants and catering businesses; his passion is creating new recipes, his hobbyhorse is rubs, which you should definitely try.

“I have been cooking in restaurants and the catering for over 20 years. I have always found great satisfaction in cooking with quality ingredients and searching for great surprising and tasty combinations. I think it is important to know what you eat and I find that the shortest route for ingredient to the dinner table is often the tastiest and the healthiest.

I can cook something exotic for my family party or I can cook for 300 people at a conference. In all cases I will do my best to make my guests enjoy what they are eating and ask for more. I never get bored or tired of cooking and with this site we want cooking to be an easy and inspiring thing to do for you as well.

If you want to make really great meals don’t just cook to feed someone, but share the warmth of your heart. Don’t think of food, think of expressing your care."

Marc: is a senior finance manager in a multinational company. Thanks to Marc we were able to turn the cookbook into a multifunctional database model that allows the users to quickly get the data and do adapt it to their needs. But at the same time Marc has a passion for good food. He loves trying new recipes and his all-time favourites are Dacha Shashlyk and Nasi Goreng; both of which are available in our library. The favourite Truola tester is Rudi Rudson the dachshund

“I'm dealing with numbers and complex data on a daily basis; Working with systems, analyzing data, developing systems. So I hope that the data infrastructure that powers our website will provide our users with all the information that they are looking for immediately with just a single press of a button. I hope our website and tools will provide you with a “cooking oasis” in your full lives and maybe rekindle a passion for cooking and enjoying good food with friends and family."

Max: is a senior manager who spent several years working in Central Asia that influenced his cooking preferences. Max is very sociable and loves having people over for dinner. It’s no surprise that his favourite recipe is Plov, an Uzbek dish that you cook for 10 people or more.

“Cooking is a great opportunity to bring people together. Today we all rush. Social networks give us an illusion of engagement and involvement into social activities. But internet can help arrange parties and bring people together but not substitute live communication or chat! That is why we are so keen about the features we implement in Truola like creating events or occasions where you can invite people. Great food is a great compliment to get together of great friends!”