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Go East!

Yes winter is still here.. there is snow on the ground, at least here in Switzerland and Russia, it is still cold and it is dark. Last week we remedied this with "Loving from the oven"; this week we invite you to come east with us.....and slightly south of course. We think of the far east with hopefully warmer weather than Europe at the moment. Steamed dimsum, searing teriyaki steaks, noodles.... all a taste of the orient, far away from our local snow drifts.

So please enjoy our pick of the week with us, as you travel in mind to south east asia with it's bustle, sights and sounds. We especially recommend the wonton video, but we can't be held responsible for any moisture damage to your computer keyboard.

Chow Mein Chow Mein - in its base form its a vegetarian recipe, but you can add some pulled chicken or char siu, if you prefer a meaty variant. This particular recipe has Surinam roots so serve it with some Scottish bonnet chili paste if you dare!

Chicken Yakitori Chicken Yakitori - Delicious, light and easy to make, go on try this at home folks!

Teriyaki BeefTeriyaki Beef - Count me in when there is steak involved!! Make sure you get a nice tender marbled beef steak when you make this recipe.

3 Way Wonton 3 way Wonton - 4 recipes in one really, check out the video, in 2.5 minutes you'll be 4 recipes wiser than before and probably rushing to the kitchen to make them.

Thai Red Fish Curry Thai Red Fish curry - Wholesome and satisfying, this delicious dish will have your family coming back for a second helping....oh and did we mention its light and healthy?

Glass Noodle Stir Fry with Chicken Glass noodle stir fry with Chicken - two of the best things combined... stir fry and glass noodles and it only gets better with chicken.. enjoy!!